Our Commitment


Privacy ≡ Security ≡ Trust ≡ Freedom

Privacy ≡

Privacy is an innate human right, and to retain this right is critical to a free society.

Your data is yours. We will not copy nor save any clients personal data including passwords, photos, documents, et cetera, without explicit instruction or permission. We physically destroy old hard drives after zero writing them.

It is important to us that we protect our clients systems and networks from data leaking out into the public domain, and from invasive malefic collection. We achieve this though our multi-layered software approach, client education, and continuing local and remote support.


Security ≡

We take your personal security seriously. We educate clients about password, internet, and data security. We secure your browsers, your operating system, your networks. As much as possible we use open source software that is peer reviewed for backdoors and weaknesses in code. Several layers of security software are installed on each pc, from browser plugins, to anti-malware suites, to data packet encryption software. There is no single all encompassing security solution, and in the end, the user is the final link in the system security.


Trust ≡

PikesvillePC seeks long term relationships with their clients. We will do our best to advise you in the direction that will be most beneficial for YOU, in the long term.

Freedom ≡

We strive to allow you to be free to explore this world of technology without fear. We are available to you as a helpful resource to answer any questions, and offer supportive suggestions in regards to technological issues. Your electronic devices should be liberating tools for exploration and knowledge, not sources of frustration and annoyance.


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